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Customize Your Skincare Routine With Pure Culture Beauty Now Available At Target — Shop Now

Source: Pure Culture Beauty

Jul. 27 2022, Published 5:04 p.m. ET

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Skincare has become more than just cleansers, serums and moisturizers, and when it comes to Pure Culture Beauty, the proof is in the pudding. These days, store shelves are inundated with choices — all of which claim to be the end-all to every type of skin concern. While we are firm believers in the quality of drugstore skincare and affordable alternatives, it can be challenging to piece together an effective skincare routine on your own. Pure Culture Beauty is putting an end to the guessing game with an innovative system that’s not only designed specifically for your skin using a unique test kit system, but is environmentally friendly and sustainable as well.

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What Is Pure Culture Beauty?

Pure Culture Beauty is rooted in science, first and foremost. Developed by beauty industry veterans and chemists, Pure Culture Beauty is unlike any other skincare or beauty brand on the market. For starters, the company does not carry massive amounts of inventory on hand. You won’t find shelves of plastic packages and pre-made formulas waiting to ship because they're dedicated to sustainability from start to finish. Due to the nature of how Pure Culture Beauty products are formulated, only a small amount of packaging and formulas are kept on-hand at all times, eliminating unnecessary waste. Because Pure Culture Beauty formulates each and every product for custom results, you can rest assured your beauty kit was not collecting dust waiting to be sold.

How Does Pure Culture Beauty Work?

Source: Pure Culture Beauty

Pure Culture Beauty is like an at-home science kit for your skin. First, you’ll take a custom skincare test on their website or purchase a test kit at Target that allows you to address your concerns while also recording the current state of your complexion. Questions such as how does your face feel when you wake up, oil control and cosmetic concerns like discoloration and fine lines are all addressed during the questionnaire. Because Pure Culture Beauty recognizes that in order to be effective, skincare must also address unique environmental factors, you’ll also answer a series of questions regarding screen time exposure, rural vs. city environment and more to narrow down the best ingredients for your custom formula.

After you’ve submitted your questionnaire and placed your 3-step kit order, you’ll receive a package containing two different tests. Following the instructions on the package, you’ll press the test strips on your cheeks and forehead (multiple test strips are included so that you do not use the same strip twice, which can alter the test strip’s outcome). After completing the test strip portion, you’ll log on to your account where you completed the questionnaire and log in the results of your test strip.

Upon entering your test strip kit results, your personalized formulas will begin processing. From this stage, Pure Culture Beauty chemists will determine ingredients for a cleanser, serum and moisturizer based on your skin’s health and questionnaire. Because each kit is carefully crafted, this process can take a few days to formulate. You should receive your custom kit within two weeks of submitting your at-home test results.

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Using Pure Culture Beauty 3-Step Kit

Now that you’ve submitted your results and a chemist has mixed your own 3-step skincare kit using naturally-derived clean ingredients, it’s time to put your kit to good use. Don’t worry, Pure Culture Beauty’s education on your skincare regime does not stop once your kit has been delivered. Inside of your kit you’ll find cards that clearly outline each active ingredient per product, with details on why they were selected for your custom kit, and of course, how to efficiently use each product. If you’re happy with your kit, you can easily repurchase the same formulas. If you’ve had any changes since your initial customization, you can also request a new at-home test to address new concerns.

Pure Culture Beauty is available to purchase as individual custom products or as a 3-step kit. Additionally, Pure Culture Beauty does offer other skincare products like hand sanitizer, or you can send a gift card for the ultimate personalized gift.

Source: Pure Culture Beauty

Custom 3-Step Skincare Set by Pure Culture Beauty retails for $59.99 at

Source: Pure Culture Beauty

Custom Serum by Pure Culture Beauty retails on sale for $22.49 at


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