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Jun. 2 2022, Published 6:04 p.m. ET

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Traveling with your tech can be an anxiety-inducing process to say the least — especially when you don’t have proper tech travel gear. Don’t miss out on capturing memories or passing the time between travels with entertainment because you’re afraid to bring your tech with you. And because we all know life doesn’t stop just because you’ve put an ‘OOO’ memo on your calendar, you can take important work on the go and remain productive away from home while resting assured that valuables are protected every step of the way. We rounded up Amazon’s top tech travel accessories and gadgets that have received rave reviews from real Amazon customers, all ready to shop and just a click away!

Source: Amazon

Small Travel Electronics Organizer by BAGSMART retails for $17.49 at

Real Review: “I finally have a great organizer for all my cables and drives! No longer are they all tangled up in a bag. Really great for when I travel. I have iPad, iPhone, 2 thumb drives, a small external drive, a small Jackery charger, apple ear phones and a wall plug. It has two zippered pockets and everything fits perfectly.” - BHS, Amazon customer

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Source: Amazon

2-Pack Fast Charging USB Power Bank by Miady retails for $21.99 at

Real Review:Glad we had these during our last trip to the Magic Kingdom. I brought this 2 pack with me on my last trip and was glad I did. Several of my friends forgot to bring theirs. These charged a total of 4 cell phones quickly off a single charge. Plenty of battery left for us to be able to take pictures of the fireworks at the end if the evening.” - Buckeye Buyer, Amazon customer

Source: Amazon

Retractable Travel USB Power Strip by NTONPOWER retails for $19.99 at

Real Review: “A small, lightweight power strip perfect for traveling! When the hotel nightstand only has one outlet, this will save the day. This will be very useful for traveling with my husband, as this will allow us to plug in all our electronics without fighting for outlets. While traveling recently for work, I was able to charge my work laptop, work phone, and Kindle, as well as a foldable three-in-one charging station for my personal phone, Apple Watch, and Air Pods, just off this one little donut.” - Christine, Amazon customer

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Source: Amazon

Large Electronic Organizer Bag fits iPad Mini by BAGSMART retails for $18.99 at

Real Review: “I didn't know I wanted an organizer until I had messy cables in my backpack. The idea came from my need to take a portable cell phone charger to my short trips, and then it expanded for the rest of my items. I love it! I got mine in soft pink. It carries all I need, cell phone chargers, plugs, a mouse, USB, several other cables, and my precious sets of earbuds. I'm more than satisfied that I've been talking about how happy about this purchase with many people. I totally recommend it.” - Sonia Refulio, Amazon customer

Source: Amazon

Flex Flap Cell Phone Holder and Tablet Stand for Travel by AIRGLO retails for $14.99 at

Real Review: “This thing is an incredible game changer to travel with. I used to work to try to come up with ways to prop up my phone, now that's not an issue. And when I'm done, I just press this flat again and it stores in the back pocket of my headphone case. Honestly, I don't think people are going to be surprised when they get these for Christmas with how much I talk about this convenient little piece.” - Adrienne Cornfield, Amazon customer

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Source: Amazon

Solar Travel Power Bank by BLAVOR retails for $29.99 at

Real Review: “The product has great build quality - it feels great in the hand and has a rugged shell to protect it from falls. The rugged shell is also made from a non-slip material that allows the product to stay in your pocket without having to worry about it falling out. This is extremely useful for me when I go bike riding or on extended walks as I do not have to worry about it slipping out of my pocket.” - Andres, Amazon customer

Source: Amazon

Water Repellant Laptop Backpack with USB Port and RFID Blocking by EMPSIGN retails for $33.99 at

Real Review: “I don’t usually bother leaving reviews but this bag deserves it. I use it to lug around miscellaneous music equipment like mics, cables, spare pedals, etc. for band and it can take a beating. I thought the handles on top were odd but I use them all the time so now I love them. Got this because of the wide mouth top opening and it’s perfect. I don’t think I could go back to a “normal” backpack again. Wears comfortably too. The sowing around the zipper is good and the zipper is good quality. Glad I got this.” - Skipper, Amazon customer

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Source: Amazon

Small Portable Charger Power Bank by iWalk retails for $39.99 at

Real Review: “I love this so much! It’s so much better than bringing a heavy battery pack along. It’s small enough to fit virtually any where and it’s good for a little over a full charge. I think I may buy a couple more for my family. I bought the sparkly one and it’s so cute and no it does not get glitter all Over it’s more like little stones. So chic, so me!” - Brittney Bawse, Amazon customer

Source: Amazon

Universal Airplane In Flight Phone Mount by Perilogics $12.97 at

Real Review: “I travel frequently, up to 60%, during non-Covid times and of course a bit less now. I've used a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 that I purchased new in 2014 for my entertainment while on the airplane. I download Prime, Netflix, or Youtube to my device to watch while disconnected from the internet. The tablet is getting really slow and now that I have a Galaxy Note 10+ it might be big enough to work for me.” - Jason, Amazon customer

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Source: Amazon

Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Sport Headband by Perytong retail for $19.99 at

Real Review: “This product makes it so easy to fall asleep to music. I am usually a side sleeper. Since I prefer to listen to music to help fall asleep, the other headphones that I have are too bulky to be able to lay on my side, making it uncomfortable. I was excited upon receiving this BT headband, because not only did it allow me to lay on my side to fall asleep, it helped keep my hair off my face and neck! I connected my phone to this BT, and had no trouble connecting. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to wear glasses with the band, but it is still comfortable just the same. Would highly recommend this product.” - CRH, Amazon customer

Source: Amazon

Hardshell Travel Case for Over The Ear Headphones, Fit Beats Studio, Sony, JBL and more by Homvare retails for $12.99 at

Real Review: “This case works perfectly for the new Apple AirPods Max headphones. The fit is good and offers way more protection than the Apple smart case included with AirPods Max. Also, you can turn this into a smart case that put the headphones into sleep mode by adding magnets like in my photos. You can buy shower curtain magnets from Amazon and stick them on with the included double sided tape.” - Esource, Amazon customer


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